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The Living Website Difference

Business websites generally need to be redesigned every three to five years. This is to ensure that the latest technology, including security and the basic functionalities are in place to stay ahead of time. However, this can be a costly exercise and may take more time of the business owner than necessary.

In many cases, it could cost you more to update than to initially build the site. This certainly does not make logical business sense.

With a Webarena website, you may only want to change the appearance of the website (reskin), it should not involve a pricey 'overhaul' just because the web developer has changed the way they design websites.

So, before you choose your website designer or developer, ask yourself the following questions:

  • will they consistently update the security features of your website?
  • will they provide the latest functions as they are developed over time?
  • provide both of the above cost effectively?


With Webarena's Living Website system, we ensure that once your website goes live, it will continue to be updated with the latest technology in terms of security and functionalities. Most other websites are effectively 'dead', yours will continue to evolve automatically through our continual care of the system.

If you are looking for a presence in the most effective cost-efficient marketing channel today, make the best choice for your business.

Is Your Website Living?


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