Website Tools Designed for You, Not A Developer

Historically, websites and their development was the realm of coders and designers. So if you wanted to maintain your website content or update it frequently, it became a costly exercise to have your web guy update your pages for you, and often they were busy building the next website for their newest customer, so your tasks would take a back seat.

Then came the assortment of CMS systems that were supposed to make it easier. These it seems were developed by Aliens who had their brains in some different mode to the rest of us. After using one of these systems myself and getting frustrated with the non obvious places the information was found, I determined to make my own system that could be used by a lower school graduate, or anyone who could use a word processor, or compose an email.

After all, any platform can be used to display a great website and its content, but what is the backend like - are YOU going to be able to drive it. Imaging buying an awesome looking car only to find inside you are sitting on wooden crates.

WACMS - Webarena Content Management System

Simply load your site in Admin Mode. Browse it as you normally would. If you want to change something, click edit. Making a new page on your site is like making a new document in a word processor. Menus or 'Tabs' are created automatically. You can reorder your entire site by changing any pages 'Parent' page.

Basically, we wanted you to not need to know how to be a 'web guy' but rather a business owner who needs to get on with his / her own stuff. If you have your staff do this for you then we want anyone to be able to learn how to use it without having to do a 1 day training course. Most of our customers have worked it out for themself during the Staging phase of our production process.

So if you want to see for yourself, why not click over to our Demo page and take it for a test drive. You will have 24 hours to play with a full version of the system and see for yourself how easy it is to operate.